In African countries like Uganda, most women are uneducated, married or betrothed at a young age, abandoned or widowed and are left with the full care of children. These women have all the burden of responsibility for the care and education of their children. Many of these women even care for orphans. Because of the lack of opportunity for the poorly educated, health obstacles and unclean living environments, many women living in Uganda are left in poverty beyond anything imaginable in the United States.

God is Grace is a ministry of Kelly Green Global (KGG) founded to assist women living in third world countries, to help break the cycle of poverty. God is Grace assists these women by allowing them opportunities to raise their level of poverty through their own hard work. This ministry seeks to find sponsors who financially support women in Africa while they are equipped with tools and training that will afford them sustainable careers in their communities. A sponsor agrees to support a woman for one year while the woman selected works hard using the gift of support from her sponsor to build viable businesses which will uphold her and her family.

God is Grace works with nationals to help facilitate direction and instruction to the women while being sponsored.  We find the poorest women in the communities who are willing to work. This is done through pastors in local villages.  As leaders in their communities, pastors know the people of their villages and their struggles.  Our Ugandan staff keep the day to day obligations of this ministry functioning as they work to watch and assist the working women of God Is Grace.  Through the successful blending of “opportunity” and “hard work,” we are able to see women continue in their businesses even after sponsorship has ended. 

God Is Grace operates under the guidance of an advisory team in the U. S., working alongside of Beth Green, the U. S. Coordinator for God Is Grace.  God Is Grace is recognized in Uganda as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and functions with board members who help guide the work in Uganda.


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Beth Green

Beth was raised by parents who were mission minded.  Beth married Kelly Green, an evangelist who has traveled nationally and internationally through Kelly Green Global for over 35 years. For most of her married life, Beth has been focused on supporting her evangelist husband and raising their two sons, Jonathan and Taylor. Now their children are grown with families of their own and Kelly travels frequently around the world. It seemed a great time for God to move in Beth’s life, stirring a desire that was unexplainable until she traveled to Uganda with Kelly and a mission team. While she ministered and absorbed all of the needs around her, God began to reveal His plan for her next mission – God is Grace. The God Is Grace Ministry began with sponsorship through various contacts made through Kelly Green Global and has grown exponentially with awareness for the women of Africa. Beth serves as the U. S. Coordinator for God Is Grace and travels yearly to meet and visit each woman in God Is Grace. 


Susan resides in Dallas, TX and is an Audiologist. She is married to Mike, and they have one daughter, Kristen who lives in Chicago, Illinois. The Deahl’s have been ministry partners with Kelly Green Global for almost thirty years.  Susan has a heart for missions and was excited to hear about the potential ministry of God is Grace in Africa. In 2010, she sponsored her first women then, in 2013 she joined the Advisory Team. Each year the Advisory Board sends yearend reports sharing how the sponsored women are progressing in their training to learn a trade and start their business-these stories motivated Susan to do more. In 2015, she travelled with God is Grace to Tororo, Uganda. While in Tororo, she visited with thirty (30) sponsored women, met the young lady she sponsored, and saw first hand how lives, families, and communities are being transformed. The impact of God is Grace on the women of Africa and Susan has been life altering. 


Laura is a long time friend of Beth and Kelly Green.  Her husband of 30 years, Jay, serves on the Board for Kelly Green Global.  When Beth’s heart was moved to begin a ministry for the women of Africa, Laura was “on board”.  She has traveled to visit the women of God Is Grace Africa numerous times.  She has also used her skills as a dental hygienist to assist in many procedures to help with the medical and dental needs of those in Africa. Laura is the mother of 3, Brianna (married to James – they have one son Zane), Brantley (married to Michaela), and Brock. Each of her three children as well as her son-in-law and daughter-in-law have been to Africa to serve in various ways and with the God is Grace Africa ministry.  Originally from Florida, Laura and her family have lived in many places around the U.S. because of her husband’s longtime professional baseball career. They currently reside in Phoenix, AZ.


Gwen is a retired school teacher and principle who worked with families everyday.  She has seen great needs in families and has a desire to meet needs of families when possible.  Gwen is married to Lu and lives in Brandon, Florida.  She currently calls it a privilege to serve on the God Is Grace Advisory Board. She sees how GIG allows hard-working women an opportunity to start businesses which help their children and the many orphans cared for by these women. Gwen has visited Uganda several times and seen the effects of GIG sponsorship.  She knows that the effects of this ministry will impact multiple generations and families to come and it is an additional blessing to see the children of sponsored women learn and grow.  Gwen feels humbled knowing she has helped, in some small way, to better their lives.  A quote she heard long ago fits how she feels about what God is Grace means: “If you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.”  God is Grace allows women to “learn to fish.”  Sponsorship through GIG provides strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.  It is a gift from God to be a part of this ministry. 


Nicole is a stay-at-home mom to 3 children as well as the wife of a Pastor, Eric. Nicole and Eric have been married for 18 years and currently live in Fort Myers, Florida where Eric serves on staff at Riverside Church. Nicole is a home school teacher of their children and spends a great deal of time each week teaching and guiding her family.  She became involved with God is Grace as a sponsor several years ago.  Nicole has participated in two mission trips to Uganda with Kelly Green Global and God is Grace. She has a passion to see women find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ through the ministry of God is Grace. As these women develop skills to begin their own businesses they are able to provide a sustainable income and education for themselves and their families, things that are so very dear to Nicole’s heart.  Nicole knows that this ministry changes the lives of the God is Grace women and the generation that follows. 


Sara has a passion to help women no matter where they live.  She is married to Andy and they just recently added a beautiful baby girl to their family in Tampa, Florida.  Sara currently serves as a Human Resources Officer in the United States Air Force. For over nine years, Sara has also served as a case manager for military victims of sexual assault. Her passion and special training led her to the God is Grace Ministry. She has traveled to both Zambia and Uganda where she worked with God Is Grace women. 



Maggie is an educator.  She has been teaching third and fourth graders since 2007.  She is currently a Teacher Leader, where part of her role is designing and delivering professional development for other teachers.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she moved to Tampa, Florida in 2008.  Maggie has traveled to Uganda and witnessed the positive impact of God is Grace on the lives of the women there. She sees the value of a woman learning a trade to support her family.



Donna Hughes

Donna Hughes is a mother of two grown children and has joined God is Grace on two mission trips to Uganda, in recent years.  Donna is a new member of the God is Grace Advisory Board and brings a passion for women and children to have a sustainable life in their community.  




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Bennie Pierce is a retired middle school principal. While on her first trip to Kenya, Africa in 2006, and subsequent trips in 2007 and 2008, she developed a passion for the women of Africa. In 2009, she a joined a mission trip to Uganda with Kelly Green Global and her passion to help the children and women of Africa grew. She returned in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. It was during one of the trips to Uganda, she learned of God is Grace and discovered how the lives of the women and children were changed with the support of sponsors. At first, the women of my church sponsored a woman and I saw first-hand how it changed the life of the lady we sponsored. Since then, Bennie has sponsored a lady each year and has been blessed to meet the ladies on her trips to Africa. Bennie joined the Advisory Board of God Is Grace and will continue to support and lead women in Africa to become self-sufficient and to sustain their families in their own culture. Bennie has seen how God is Grace allows hard-working women the opportunity to start businesses which help their children and the many orphans cared for by these women. These ladies in God Is Grace truly touch her heart!  

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God is grace
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Hear From Our Sponsors

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"I am a proud sponsor of "God is Grace" because it is changing Women's lives one at a time! I had the privilege to meet Beth Green on a mission trip on my first trip to Africa several years ago and little did I know then how it was going to affect my life or another woman's life in Uganda. I was able to see first hand what God is Grace does for these women and,  not only, how they provide for them financially, but how they share the love of Christ with each woman individually. That is what drew me in. To know, and physically see that my money was truly making the difference in someone's life all the way across the world was very humbling. I know it was more of a blessing to me than to her.  To top it off, my 2nd trip to Uganda, I was able to meet the lady I had the honor of Sponsoring. I'll never forget that day. The joy she displayed on her face and in her heart is just something I'll never forget." - Sarah Wallace

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in..
Matthew 25:35


"I went to Tororo, Uganda in 2016 to participate with the God is Grace team in this mission; I had been praying for an opportunity to go to Africa. In one week we visited 30 ladies in their homes to encourage them in their efforts to become more self-sufficient, to pray with them, and show God's care and love. I think most were surprised that Christians from the other side of the world cared about them. I learned of many ways a person can support these ladies through this mission, but for me, becoming a personal 'sponsor' in 2017 for one woman was the most meaningful. The team informs me of her progress in learning new skills with the small amount of money that I send, and I pray for her daily (she is grieving the death of one of her children with special needs this past year). It is just one small way to use what God has blessed me with! Just doing something is always 'enough’." - Susan Baker