Foresight is something that we could all use. According to Webster, foresight “is the act of looking forward.” Every day if we practice foresight, think about what all might change in our lives? Some people are better at this than others. Many like to live in the “now” rather than look to the future. But sooner or later, we all must deal with the reality that when we have planned and thought considerably toward the future, we usually are much better off!

But, what about having foresight for someone else? Does that allow us to truly make a difference in someone else’s life?  

I like to think so when it comes to God Is Grace. This holiday season God Is Grace will have an online catalog, which is used to supply great needs for women living in poverty in Uganda. The donors to this catalog may never meet the woman they may bless, but they are exercising foresight in providing a gift to a woman. 

Last year, for example, a donor by the name of Katelyn Pitts decided to give eight women in God is Grace a set of chickens.  With this gift, not only did Katelyn bless eight women in God Is Grace, but she also supplied a Christmas card, insert card telling about the set of chickens  a handmade Christmas ornament, which she was able to  to eight friends throughout the United States.
When I asked Katelyn “why did you decide to use the God Is Grace Christmas catalog as a means of gifting your friends?” this is what she shared with me:

"I've been donating to God is Grace for a little while now. I've seen firsthand what this ministry does and the impact that it has on the lives of women in Africa and it is absolutely beautiful. What I love so much about the Christmas catalog is that it not only gives me the chance to donate to an amazing cause, but it also allows me to use it as a small ministry in my own life. I've donated gifts on behalf of friends and coworkers, most of them are spiritual journey seekers. And there are so many different ways to bless a woman in God is Grace. For example, last year I chose to donate funds for the purchase of chickens (yes Chickens!) and was able to use the Christmas card (along with a note about the donated gift) and the beautifully handcrafted ornament as a special gift for my friends. It gives me the opportunity to show them the good that this ministry is doing and to, in a small way, open their eyes to something more than a material possession. I can make a donation which will impact a woman for a long time to come!  It's always a treat to hear how touched your friends are when you donate on their behalf and have them ask me to tell them what this ministry is all about. It's truly fulfilling."

Katelyn had the foresight to see the investment she was making by giving to a woman in God Is Grace. Her gift blessed her friends last year AND honored God Is Grace Ministry with the ability to assist struggling women in Uganda to develop sustainable businesses of raising chickens.
This is one of the women who was blessed through Katelyn’s foresighted gift:

Her name is Kamuyati. Her mother died when she was small and her father remarried. Her step mother did not care for Kamuyati and treated her cruelly. She was not allowed to attend school and worked hard as a child in the family garden.

Kamuyati married at 18 years old and was the second wife of her husband. He had a total of three wives. She had five children with her husband. The first wife accused Kamuyati of using witchcraft to kill her children. She was chased away one day from home by men with machetes. She met another man but she separated from him also due to his mistreatment of her. She had three children with the second man.

She now lives with six of her children in a small mud hut. Through the contact by a pastor in the area where she lives, Kamuyati was considered for support through sponsorship in God Is Grace.  
With sponsor’s funds, Kamuyati started making liquid soap and selling it. She has two goats she has bought with sponsorship funds. And thanks to Katelyn, Kamuyati is now raising chickens, which will produce eggs. Eggs will supply protein for her children and also be sold by Kamuyati. She has also been able to send her children to school – something that she was deprived of as a child. 

All because of foresight! During this holiday season, think about Kamuyati when you are giving gifts. Consider a gift with “foresight” and shop at our Christmas catalog this year! Your investment can last way beyond this Christmas season.