Magedlin's Story


Magedlin is from the village area in Tororo. She was raised by her grandparents. Her grandmother loved her and took her from her parents when she was just four years old. She still saw her parents as she was growing up but remained with her grandparents. Magedlin never received an education. During her childhood years, she looked after cattle for her grandparents. She had two brothers and two sisters and Magedlin was the oldest. Her brothers were educated – one completed senior 4 (equivalent to sophomore year in high school) and the other completed Primary 5 (5 grade). 

Magedlin learned to cook and would go to the well to fetch water for her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her many things including how to treat a husband.

 At the age of 14, she was married. She had grown up with the man she married. Her husband paid 4 cows, 2 goats and 4,000 shillings (about $1.35 in U. S. dollars) for a “bride’s price” for Magedelin. It was in 1978 when she married her husband, Daniel. She conceived her first born within a year of marriage and that child, a girl, is now 35. Her youngest is seven years old. She had five children and one child died so she is raising now one grandchild from that child who passed away. 

Daniel, her husband, died about five years ago of what might have been cerebral malaria. The symptoms were that he went crazy, so they thought that it might have been something spiritual rather than medical. This is why it probably wasn’t treated.

 Magedelin was able to meet her sponsor this year since her sponsor traveled to Uganda with the God Is Grace team. She was overcome with joy!  Her sponsor also gave her gifts which delighted her.  

Magedelin shared that her dream is to keep pigs and later to buy a cow for milk for her children. She has three pigs at this time. She also grows sorghum, cassava and maize. For now, she does not sell this food but uses it only to feed her family.

 She shared that the youngest children are in school. She said when she doesn’t have money for uniforms or for examinations, she sells food. Magedelin hopes to develop this year the businesses of raising pigs, chickens and also growing produce to sell.