The Gift of Light

Beth Green: Posted on Friday, January 08, 2016 1:13 PM

Having moved recently to Michigan, I am amazed at night how dark the skies can be. Light at night has come to be very important to me since it is quite dark outside when walking from my car to our home. It has caused me to think a lot about the women of God Is Grace and how they have no electricity and therefore no light at all in their homes.  Kerosene is used to light lanterns but even this is costly for some women who can not even afford kerosene.  Besides this, even if they can, lanterns have proven to be quite dangerous.  

Luminade, Uganda, Zambia, Lights in Darkness, God Is Grace

Luminade, Uganda, Zambia, Lights in Darkness, God Is Grace

Having seen this amazing SOLAR light on "Shark Tank" which was developed by two women, Anna and Andrea and considered worthy of partnership with Mark Cuban of Shark Tank, God Is Grace decided to "test the waters"  by purchasing two lights from Luminade to take to Uganda last summer. The lights are very easy to charge by just placing the open package in the sun and allowed to sit for seven hours. It just happened that after we had charged the light, there was a power outage one night in Tororo where we were visiting God Is Grace women. The lights served well to give coverage for a fairly large room! We knew that these lights were going to be very useful to women in God Is Grace who struggle at night in their mud huts to supply kerosene for lanterns. These lights would be quite helpful and much safer for these women.

After returning from Uganda, we contact Luminade, the company that distributes lights to many areas where there are disasters. This company was very helpful in giving us instructions on how we could purchase lights for God Is Grace.  They also contacted us later to say that they had some lights available and if we could get them to Uganda fairly soon, they would help supply.  We were able to get these lights to Uganda through a gracious partner and now each woman in God Is Grace has a light which she uses to assist her in her "no longer dark" home (see photo above). We are so grateful to Luminade for their care and compassion shown towards these women.  

There is a "Where are They Now" on the company, Luminade, on SHARK TANK which will be shown TONGIHT, January 8 at 9 pm Eastern Time and 8 pm Central Time on an ABC station.  We encourage everyone to watch as this company shares how they have expanded! We thank God for you, Luminade and your care for people who are struggling for light around the world!     

If you are interested in ordering a light for a woman in God Is Grace, which are just $10 per light, you can go to our website at and see how you can order a light to be taken this summer and given to a woman in God Is Grace.  Please consider as we need many!