What Is Wrong With Me?

Beth Green: Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:16 PM

What is wrong with me?  How come I can not sleep at night when I see something like this photo (look closely at her legs and arms), it so touches my heart.  I guess I just know too much. 

People sometimes ask me "Why don't you do work in the U. S.?  We have the poor also!!"  First of all, God's calling came to me for Africa.  I have no say to the Master where I am placed.    I do try to be sensitive to the needs of others here in the U. S. BUT comparing the wealth of the U.S. to other countries, the need is so much greater in places such as Africa.  For one thing, the income is lower in countries such as Uganda and Zambia, where we work in God Is Grace.  People have MUCH less - bottom line.  Consider the situation of this child's mother who lives outside Jinja, Uganda.  She has no income, no government assistance or non profit assistance.  She literally has nothing!  Her two children got sick and her ONLY option was to take them to a child home run by someone she knows and trusts (very important in Uganda), and LEAVE the children with them in hopes that they would get care.  This child is close to the age of my granddaughter.  To think that if this was our only option for her - my granddaughter - it would kill me!!! 

The home, Shiloh Children's Home, where this child was taken is struggling also.  They have been told by health officials since they were not in a walled, secure area that they either had to shut down or find another place.  Naturally, another place is more expensive!  All this organization wants to do is care for abandoned babies and children - that's it!!  It breaks my heart and makes me so mad at myself when I think about what last night's dinner "eating out" meal could have done to help this home in need!!  

Last night, God hit me hard with that thought.  I have not gotten it off my mind all day.  This is why God Is Grace exists!  So that mothers, who are the primary care givers for children in Uganda and Zambia, can learn trades, support themselves and work hard so that their children can be cared for even when they are sick!!!  I am again very grateful to our sponsors who are supporting 97 women this year in 2015.   

Pray for these two little ones - pray that their Mom will be able to get a business started (naturally we will do something to help her) so that these children can heal and be under the loving care of a mother's arms again!!