The Blessings!

Beth Green: Posted on Tuesday, June 02, 2015 12:10 PM

Parima is like so many women in Uganda.  She lives in a village called Konko and dreams of being able to one day clothe and feed her children well. She wants them to have an education but saw no way for them to go to school - UNTIL...

Parima was given a sponsor in God Is Grace Ministry. Through this sponsorship, Parima is able to receive funds to build businesses. Her dreams have become reality and Parima has begun developing the business of selling produce.  She also wants to raise pigs and chickens.  

Parima was married to her first husband and had four children with him. He then left her for another woman, leaving no support for the children. Parima married again a second man and they had three children together. He has abandoned her. The second husband comes around once in a while but never supports their children in any way.  Parima, by herself, is raising 7 children at the age of 36! She plans on working hard to be able to care for these children and to educate them.

At Christmas time this year, someone thought "outside the box" and gave God Is Grace Ministry money for a pig instead of giving a gift to a friend or family member. This friend/family member received a beautiful card stating that "A Pig Has Been Given In Your Honor." TODAY, Parima was the recipient of that pig! She will use this pig to start her business in raising pigs - a great business in Uganda! We are so grateful to this donor who "thought beyond" in their Christmas giving!  

NOW Parima has hope - she is thinking of her future and the possibilities for her children! A pig has opened up thoughts of a business which will be ongoing! How Parima's life has been turned around because of these blessings!  

Welcome to the God is Grace Blog

Nicole Echols: Posted on Monday, October 27, 2014 11:55 AM

     Welcome! We are excited to launch our new God is Grace blog today. We have much to share as God's favor continues to fall on this amazing ministry. We plan to post frequently so you have an insight in to the lives of the women we have the honor of working with in Africa, give updates on immediate needs, and explain how you can partner with us. Visit this blog often and enjoy as you learn more. 

     Today we want to introduce God is Grace and explain how this ministry began several years ago. God is Grace is a ministry developed by Kelly Green Global. This ministry came into existence because of a deep concern for women living in third world countries who are trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty. God is Grace desires to help women break this cycle by learning a trade and beginning at least one business (more when possible for business diversity) which will provide sustainable income for themselves and their family. Women in the United States have the opportunity to sponsor a woman in Africa for one year as this process occurs. 

     We are thrilled to report that this year 98 women in Tororo, Uganda and Zambia are sponsored through God is Grace. God is at work and life change is happening! Spiritual, emotional and physical needs are being met daily. Wow! We are blessed and grateful. Please join us in praying for the ladies of God is Grace.