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2017 Christmas catalog

Our God Is Grace Christmas Catalog is completely online and gives a gift that blesses TWICE. First, as you select from our various gifts, you are giving to a needy woman in God Is Grace in Uganda who is working to build sustainable businesses. Second, we give you a Christmas card, an insert card to show the item you chose to donate, and a handmade Christmas ornament made by a woman in our jewelry making class. You can take these items and give them as a gift to a family member, friend or coworker. They also make a great hostess gift! You bless both your recipient and the woman in God Is Grace!

If you would like to send a check to contribute to an item on our Christmas catalog, please print and fill out the form by clicking the button on the right.

If you would like to contribute an online donation using a credit or debit card, please click the button.

*All orders submitted after December 21, will not arrive until after Christmas.