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Sponsorships are maintained annually-begining April 1 through March 31. After April 1 of each year, classes are formed based on the number of sponsorships received. New sponsorships are not accepted after classes begin. Sponsorships are closed now until February 2019.

1. How do I become a God is Grace Sponsor?

Support of one woman is $600 annually. All support can be paid in a variety of ways - Annually, monthly, weekly, etc. and sponsorships can be shared with other donors. 

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2.  How Do I Give?

Donations can be made online or by mail. Checks should be made payable to Kelly Green Global-ATTN: GIG, P.O. Box 949, Brandon, Florida 33509-0949. To give online, click on the DONATE button below. All gifts are tax deductible and you will receive a statement of giving at the end of each year.

3.  What Happens After I Commit to Sponsorship?

Once you commit to sponsoring a woman, you will be sent a photo and information form about the woman you are sponsoring.  Periodically, you will get updates about the woman you support and how she is progressing in her training. 

If you would like to send the woman you sponsor an occasional message, this can also be done through email by writing to godisgraceafrica@aol.com.  Our prayer is that you will build a bond with the woman you sponsor and feel directly involved in her progress.   

It is our goal to visit each God Is Grace woman when we are in her home village. When we are able, we will send each sponsor photos taken during the visit as well as any additional information gathered while the God is Grace woman was visited.